Germany History Trip to Dresden

Destroyed by the British during WWII and painstakingly restored ever since, Dresden is now one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, boasting impressive baroque architecture and stunning landscapes. Not only is Dresden considered a city of art and culture, but it also offers a chance for students to visit places of great historical interest.

  • Germany History Trip to Berlin

“Students spoke German throughout the day, learned about the history of Germany and region of Saxony.”

Julia, Head of History, Essex

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Visit Theresienstadt concentration camp, the exhibition of the East German way of Life in the DDR Museum Zeitreise in Radebeul. Or experience the interactive Erich-Kästner-Museum, which is dedicated to the children's book author, pacifist and outspoken Nazi critic who was born nearby.


  • Theresienstadt Concentration Camp - Situated over the border in the Czech Republic, just 60 miles from Dresden. A sobering, thought-provoking visit.
  • DDR Museum - Witness life as it was under Socialist German rule.
  • Erich-Kästner-Museum - The Erich Kästner Museum features the author, poet, screenwriter and satirist Erich Kästner, who was born and raised in Dresden.
  • Bundeswehr Museum - Take a chronological journey through German military history.

Where to stay

Dresden Youth Hostel is the biggest in Saxony. Situated in the heart of Dresden, it is only a few minutes‘ walk from the historic centre.  Alternatively, stay in Colditz, 80km away from Dresden.  Home to the legendary Colditz Castle, a POW camp during WWII for high-rank Allied Officers, where better to stay and learn about WWII history?  A visit to the escape tunnels is an unforgettable experience.

Sample Itinerary

Day One

Arrive in Dresden and take a guided walking tour of the city. Discover the city’s main sights, including the Semperoper, the Frauenkirche and the “Balcony of Europe”.

Day Two

Spend a day at the Theresienstadt concentration camp in the Czech Republic, only 60 miles from Dresden.  Enjoy a traditional meal at a local restaurant in the evening.

Day Three

Visit the interactive Erich-Kästner-Museum. Then take a chronological journey through German military history at the Bundeswehr Museum.

Day Four

Visit the baroque complex of pavilions and galleries at the famous Zwinger Palace. Don’t forget to see the Nymphenbad fountain or listen to the Glockenspiel clock. Visit a museum of your choice - the Old Masters art gallery, the historical and armory museum, the porcelain collection or the Mathematics and Physics salon. Stroll along the Brühlsche Terrace on the banks of the Elbe to experience a final Dresden panorama, before beginning your journey back to the UK.

Germany History Trip to Berlin

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Patrick, History Teacher, Hampshire.

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