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Lucy Szymonski

Tom Floyd

Account Manager

Tom joined Club Europe in 2014 and works with a great variety of ensemble leaders to help them plan and prepare for their concert tours. Having joined the company after completing his masters degree at the Royal Academy of Music, Tom also maintains a busy music career outside of his work at Club Europe. As a composer Tom works within a variety of idioms including opera, orchestral, chamber and vocal music as well as music for screen. Tom is also a passionate piano teacher and enjoys nurturing new musical talent.

“Club Europe combines two great loves of mine: music and travel. I have fond memories of going on several concert tours as a teenager with my school jazz band and my county youth orchestra. I’m sure anyone who’s been on tour knows what powerful experiences they are and the close friendships they produce.

“I count myself lucky to have travelled extensively throughout my life but I appreciate not all students are so fortunate. For some, their first trip abroad may well be with their school ensemble or music service and it’s hugely rewarding to help organise these tours and witness all their amazing music-making and adventures.”

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Tel: +44 20 8772 2869

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"Lovely venues, lovely audiences, comfortable accommodation. Alahree was very prompt and efficient with her responses and understood our needs well."

Gill Chapman, Ceceilia Singers

"It’s hard to think how anything could have improved on this trip – it was superb in every way! The response to the whole tour has been entirely positive. Alahree was first class as ever and it was a pleasure to work with Alberto. The inspection visit in November was hugely beneficial and made the whole process of planning the concerts and itinerary so much more straightforward."

Chris Swain, Director of Music, Wycliffe Choral Society

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