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Alison Wareham

Alison Wareham

Tel: +44 20 8772 2873

Alison joined Club Europe in 2009 and still really enjoys organising the practicalities of a ski school trip. Despite first learning to ski in her 30s, Alison loves skiing and the sense of freedom it brings. She studied German and Spanish at university and went on to live in Germany for eight years so is very happy to chat away to her suppliers in their native language at any opportunity.

Her advice is: “If you ever get the chance,  go skiing! It is an amazing experience – the physical challenge, beautiful scenery and invariably delicious mountain food make for a great holiday, whatever your age!”

About her role, Alison says: “I love researching new areas for our school groups and hearing about their trips afterwards. School trips provide adventure, new experiences and friendships that will never be forgotten, and it is a privilege to help the next generation of students have that opportunity.”