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Danielle Tysall-Blay

Danielle Tysall-Blay

Tel: +44 20 8772 2885

Danielle joined club Europe in 2017 after graduating in 2016 with a degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Science from Brunel University. Travel and sport have always been her passions, fuelled by her experiences at school. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the rest of the world: one of her favourite destinations is Barcelona!

“Trips abroad are some of my favourite memories from school. I was lucky enough to go on many from Art trips to Brighton and language trips to France to ski trips to Canada.

“I think school trips have real educational value. Not only do they help students better understand the subject they’re studying, but they’re also a brilliant opportunity for them to become more independent and even make new friends.”

Danielle is excited to be working on Club Europe’s sports tours to Europe and the UK as well as our educational trips.