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Fiona Johnson

Fiona Johnson

Tel: +44 20 8772 2876

Fi moved moved to the UK from Australia in 1998. She’s has had a lifelong passion for travelling and has been to over 25 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, New York, Japan, Malaysia, and the UAE.

Fi says: "People always ask me ‘why do you live in the UK when you could be living in Australia?’ It’s simple – London is an amazing and exciting city. Being able to travel to such different countries and cultures within a few hours flight still gives me a buzz."

After a degree in Business in majoring in Human Resources, Fi worked for a number of different companies in various Recruitment and HR positions for 15 years before joining Club Europe in 1999.

Fi adds: "I love working at Club Europe. We have an amazingly dedicated and enthusiastic group of people who are a pleasure to work with each day.  

"We’re passionate about investing and valuing our employees to ensure they can thrive and provide the most exciting tours possible. Each tour involves the dedication and skills of a massive group of people from your account manager, ops manager, finance, transport, marketing, publicity and tour managers. We wouldn’t be able to create such wonderful tours without our full team’s support.

"We’re very proud to be a long-standing close-knit family business. I work alongside my husband Tim (our managing director), who in turn worked alongside his parents who set up the business way back in 1980!"