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Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Tel: +44 20 8772 2874

Tim was just four when Club Europe was founded. One of his earliest memories is of spending every summer and winter holiday in the back of a car driving around Europe or on a coach with a group. So thanks to Club Europe from an early age he had lots of fantastic experiences on trips spent with schools, ranging from skiing in Austria to windsurfing in the South of France.

Sadly in 2000, Tim’s dad Ian, who started and ran the company with his wife Lynne, died. Two weeks later Tim met Fi and later the same year joined Club Europe. Now husband and wife, Fi and Tim are co-directors of the company, proudly maintaining Club Europe as a family business.

Lynne retired in 2006 and emigrated to Sydney, from where she retains a keen interest in and remains the Chairperson of the business.

Tim says: “Fiona and I love the buzz of coming to work and having such a great mix of cultures within our four walls. Our aim remains to offer high quality tours and enjoy what we do. We have a young family; our two young sons, Louis and Billy, both come with us as much as possible to see new places and be on the ground when we have groups out on tour. It’s history repeating itself!

“I am passionate about languages and enjoy our travels, be it to France, Austria, Italy or even places like Croatia and Malta. Travelling is well and truly in the blood! I also love sport but, as a spectator, get rather confused by my Australian/Kiwi roots, though I usually support England… This year (2015) is our 35th year and I am proud to be running such a great company!”