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Victoria Caldwell

Victoria Caldwell

Tel: +44 20 8772 2884

Tor joined the sports, ski and educational teams at Club Europe in 2019 after graduating from King’s College London with a degree in English Language.

She absolutely loves sport and travelling; both passions she makes full use of in her job at Club Europe.

Tor has played football internationally and for Queens Park Rangers, hockey for her school and club and currently play tennis at county level.

She says: “I’ve been on many sports tours, including tennis tours to Portugal and Spain. I was extremely fortunate to go on my school’s hockey and lacrosse tour to California (San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles); an experience I’ll never forget.

“I organised my university’s tennis tour to Costa Brava in my last year at uni, which gave me a taste for my role here.

“I’ve witnessed first-hand how sports and educational trips can turn a group of teammates or classmates into a tight-knit group of friends, which always enhances performance on the pitch, the classroom and every area of life.”