Posted: 19 June 2017

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'We enjoyed the usual blend of expertise, professionalism and friendliness'

'We enjoyed the usual blend of expertise, professionalism and friendliness'

“I was most impressed with Club Europe’s ability to secure good concert venues and suitable excursion ideas,” said Philip a Carmarthenshire Head of Music of his college’s chapel choir tour to Flanders.

“Overall we enjoyed the usual blend of expertise, professionalism and friendliness. Alahree was excellent as always! She always has the answer and solutions.

“Isabel was also excellent again – she totally understands the needs of our school and corresponds professionally at all times.

“It was a real privilege to play at the Last Post, to be part of this service.

“Our accommodation was perfect for schools, flexible with eating arrangements and rehearsal room. It was in an amazing location in the heart of the city, but still quiet, and also very clean, tidy and friendly.

“Gwen - our tour manager - was perfect at all times; a real natural at leading and liaising in the right balance. She could never do enough to help. Superb – Gwen was a hit with all our pupils and was a massive factor in the success of the tour!”

Like to go on a Flanders school music tour? Get in touch with our friendly music team at or click on the links for more on our Belgium school music tours or all our school music tour destinations.

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"CIub Europe helped to create an experience that my students will remember for the rest of their lives."

Lindsay Fuson, Upper School Music Teacher American School of Milan, Italy.

"Friendly and prompt. Our tour managers were excellent. This was our first ever tour with Club Europe, it was overall an experience to remember and cherish."

Pemba Tamang, Gems Modern Academy, UAE.

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