Guest blog: Swindon Choral Society's Covid-19 story

Like many of our choirs, Swindon Choral has been keeping busy over the past year...

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Guest blog: Abingdon Concert Band's Covid-19 story

Lucy Wainwright is chairperson of Abingdon Concert Band in Oxford. Here she talks about some...

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We're Still Making Music

The lockdown didn't stop us singing and playing music.

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Music is still lifting spirits at Bolton Music Service

Several adult choirs supported by Bolton Music Service and its charitable arm Trust Music have...

  • Jul 16, 2020
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Choir tours in the UK

While we wait for the world to re-open you may be considering travelling in the...

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Choir leaders give Hungary the thumbs up

We recently took eight choir leaders on a Familiarisation trip to Tokaj in Hungary.

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"Everything possible was done to make the tour a success including all the little details so that everyone had a good time."

Nick, Head of Music, Easy Sussex

"[On a church concert] A beautiful church tucked away but close to the city centre. The ambience and atmosphere inside was inspiring."

Alastair, Party Leader, Shropshire

“A perfect location for our group, everyone at the hotel was helpful and welcoming, the concert venues were great and we loved the excursions.”

Mike, Party Leader, Essex

“Absolutely amazing time had by all, great location, activities and concerts. Thanks to all for organising the trip.”

Andy, Party Leader, Dorset

“A fantastic week as always. Thank you for another fantastic experience.”

Lucy, Musical Director, Devon

"We had a wonderful weekend, and, from my point of view, because of the work done by Club Europe and Goes Travel, everything was covered."

Lorna, Party Leader, Scottish Borders

"[On a church concert] A great success. Wonderful comments from the audience and a standing ovation. Snacks and drinks provided and served by church members at the end. Very friendly."

Chris Philips, Party Leader, Joyful Spirit Gospel Choir

"[On a church concert] The acoustics were outstanding. The concert was a great success; we received a standing ovation."

David James, Chairman, Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir