Welcome to the Tauernruh, the Hogwarts of Radstadt!

Opening the door of the Tauernruh feels like taking a trip to Diagon Alley. The unassuming entrance in the city walls leads to a mazelike youth hostel with an amazing range of facilities. Christopher, who showed me round, said it usually takes adults the whole week to get their bearings, while the children know every staircase and secret corridor within an hour.

Dumbledore’s Dining Room

My tour started with the five dining rooms, one of each is allocated to a group for the whole of their stay. The walls are decorated with mementos of previous groups, many of whom have clearly been coming for years. Another group were also channelling the Hogwarts connection as they had labelled their room Dumbledore’s Study. Bedrooms are freshly renovated with classic Austrian gingham curtains and bedcovers. All have their own washbasins and showers while toilets are on the corridors, which can often be easier when sharing rooms. Teachers are given en-suite twin rooms!

Moving staircases

Downstairs, the Hogwarts feeling increased as continued exploring. There is an open fire for rainy day campfires, a purple sparkly disco room, cinema, ski boot room and wellness area for the teachers, in what can only be described as a grotto. We then crossed the small, quiet street to the “Seminar House”. A modern addition, this has table tennis, a playstation, PCs and Wifi-enabled chill-out area.

Finally we drove a very short way to the best-kept secret of this youth hotel – the outdoor sports facilities. A path led through hedges into football and volleyball pitches, tennis courts, trampoline area, climbing wall and skate park. Right at the end is the private lake where you can build rafts, paddle and swim in summer, and if the weather is kind enough, ice-skate in winter.

Enchanted castle

The Ruhdorfer family have invested a lot of love and energy in the Tauernruh, making it a magical place to stay with something to offer school ski trips and sports groups alike and we are really excited to offer it to a new generation of school groups. Find out more about the Tauernruh here.