by Helen

Head of Music


Overall Review

“Happy as ever with the service you provide. Lucy is ACE and Sabine is helpful, professional, and well organised. I know what I get with Club Europe - you know what you get with me. It works and hopefully will continue to do so.”

Education Review

“[On a concert in a cathedral] This was the best venue for the choirs. The Mass went very well and then the congregation would not let us go at end and we had to keep singing for over 30 minutes! Was fabulous and standing ovation given to the choir. Really super service. [On a concert in a square] The square was packed. It was fabulous! They loved it, we loved it and it was a great end to the tour.”

Accommodation Review

“Perfect location in the town. Much better than a hotel complex that stands alone. ALL the staff were absolutely fabulous and helpful at all times. The reception staff in particular were very helpful. Great rehearsal space and storage room.”

Rep Review

“Robert was super! He was a super guide of the local town and many other surrounding towns and had much local useful information. Everything was planned well and he liaised well with all the venues. He was a great help at all times especially with the language barrier. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

by Colette

Teacher of Music


Overall Review

“It was an exceptional tour to one of the most beautiful locations we have visited, was great value for money and the surroundings were stunning - our best tour in the 20 years working with Club Europe. We were delighted with the contact and support before the tour. The concerts were hugely successful and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the tour.”

Accommodation Review

“Great location, right on the coast and near a local shop. On our last night they were kind in allowing us to perform our concert there. They also allowed us a party in the instrument store. They provided us with welcome drinks and farewell cake - a nice touch.”

Rep Review

“She was an exceptional team member with great knowledge of the area. She joined us at all social occasions and really helped us to relax.”

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