School music tours to Germany

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Trip rating

“We had an amazing time from start to finish! From a very tired Director of Music at this point in the term, I would still cheerfully go again.”

Jayne, Head of Music, Lincolnshire

“An exhilarating and memorable experience that our performers and teaching staff thoroughly enjoyed.”

Nic, Director of Music, Somerset

“I was impressed by the efficiency of the pre tour prep, the venues were brilliant and clearly someone had a very clear idea about what would work for our group.”

Gemma, Party Leader, Suffolk

“Our kids are already counting the days until the next music tour!”

Jane, Head of Music, Kent

“Fabulous development of musicianship and friendship. I am always 100% confident that Hannah will listen to my requests.”

Jayne, Director of Music, London

“We had an excellent time with three very enjoyable concerts, a good range of activities and everything ran like clockwork.”

Kate, Head of Music, Epsom

“It was superb - a beautiful area with excellent concert venues, lovely food and helpful staff.”

Roland, Head of Music, Milton Keynes

“I was most impressed with the availability of all the staff at Club Europe and speed of response. A fantastic experience for our musicians.”

Stephen, Head of Performing Arts, Cheshire

“We had a fabulous trip with a perfect balance between social activities and great concerts.”

Matthew, Director of Music, Director of Music

“The communication with Club Europe at all times was fantastic. I was kept up to date with what was going on and any changes that might have occurred.”

Keasha, Head of Music, London

“Alahree and Sabine were great, always pleasant, helpful & courteous. A very successful and enjoyable tour.”

Anne, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“Professional, well organised and hassle-free.”

Jenna, Director of Music, West Midlands

“There’s always friendly communication and a flexible approach. I always recommend you on the teacher forums I’m know I love you all!”

Chris, Head of Music, Worcestershire

“We enjoyed the tour thoroughly and I have no complaints - Lucy, Sabine, Sebastian and Tim were all great. ”

David, Director of Music, Monmouthshire

“This trip has been a joy for all involved, and the process has noticeably improved the quality of the music that the choir, ensembles and soloists are producing.”

Andy, Head of Music, Cheshire

“I have had a lot of very positive feedback from students and parents, all are very happy with the tour.”

Simon, Party Leader, Scottish Borders

“Overall: EXCELLENT – will tell my music colleagues that CE are GREAT.”

Ken, Head of Performing Arts, Nottinghamshire

“Overall a busy and successful tour with three excellent concert venues in a beautiful part of Germany.”

David, Music Administrator, Surrey

“Very friendly and helpful tour guide and coach drivers. Overall a very successful tour. The children loved it and so did I!”

Tara, Head of Music, Oxfordshire

“Alahree was excellent. Efficient, quick responses, helpful, forthcoming, supportive. Overall our tour was excellent, exciting, ambitious and galvanising.”

Elizabeth, Head of Music, Kent

“A thoroughly fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable experience.”

Christina, Music Teacher, Stevenage

“A really excellent performing experience for the students with much of the hassle for teachers taken out by your team!”

Debbie, Head of Music, Herofordshire

“Club Europe did us proud! Youth Hostel - perfect. Wolfgang - awesome! Concerts - good. The trips were a perfect mix for our kids.”

John, Head of Centre, London

“I always feel my tour is in safe hands with Alahree. Organised and trustworthy, Club Europe know what I want from a music tour.”

Louise Dickson, Party Leader, Thirsk School, North Yorkshire

“Great relationship with Alahree and Sabine. In one word: Magic. We love the road trip…”

Tanya, Head of Music, Hampshire

“Club Europe have continued to provide us with a good, varied tour programme demonstrating excellent customer service.”

James Williams, Llandovery College, Carmarthenshire

“This is a lovely area, and it was great to visit three completely different churches and towns without spending hours on the coach.”

Matthew, Director of Music, Cambridge

“The concert tour, as always, was professionally organised by Club Europe leading to yet another very successful tour. Students were planning the next one on the coach home!”

Chris, Head of Music, Worcestershire

“This tour was one of the very best tours I have led. The students at my school benefitted so much from the experience.”

Roland, Head of Music, Milton Keynes

“Our rooms were great, the food very good and lots of it! The rehearsal room was a brilliant room and had amazing sound!”

Andy, Head of Music, Dorset

“I was most impressed with the general organisation and quantity of information that we received. I felt totally supported throughout the whole process.”

Christine, Head of Music, Nottinghamshire

“Anything that I asked was done, even adding a new student just a few days before the trip.”

Eleni, Tour Leader, Nottingham

“Outstanding! Alahree and Sabine have made this entire process stress free and enjoyable.”

Sophie, Director of Music, Surrey

“A thoroughly enjoyable tour made really superb by our excellent tour manager and drivers.”

Katie, Party Leader, Essex

“Club Europe's processes were very clear. People were easy to get hold of, professional and helpful.”

Llana, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“After so many tours with incompetent companies, it was a pleasure to work with Club Europe. I would absolutely recommend you to anybody else planning a similar tour. Fantastically organised, and...”

Kevin Withell, Southampton Music Services, Southampton

“Excellent, team from start to finish!”

Matt, party leader, Hampshire

“Club Europe deliver a service which gives us peace of mind for every aspect of the tour.”

Jenna Sainsbury, Director of Music, King Henry VIII Preparatory School, West Midlands

“Extremely memorable. Dane was excellent, brilliant, very helpful and confidence building.”

Ken, Head of Performing Arts, Notinghamshire

“Our tour to the Rhineland and Moselle Valleys was a huge success. I felt 100% confident in Club Europe’s maticulous planning.”

Kate, Head of Music, London

“Fantastic use of time; there was never a moment when I thought we were going to run out of time. Great venues, with decent audiences at each one.”

Jennie, Head of Music, Cumbria

“Brilliant! This was a wonderful tour. Responses were prompt and all our questions were answered swiftly.”

Anne-Marie, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“[Our music tours] give our students the best memories of their time at school.”

Jane Werry, Head of Music, Hayes School, Kent

“A fantastic tour that will last in memories for many years to come.”

Rebecca, Head of Music, West Yorkshire

“The location was nice and central so we could walk to places as well. The food was good, it was buffet and everyone was catered for.”

Hanh, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“The staff were excellent, very helpful and uncomplaining about our noise.”

Matthew, Director of Music, Cambridgeshire

“Peace of mind, supportive and flexible. Their tour managers and our continued relationship with the company is the best thing about Club Europe.”

Jennifer, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“Overall: A positive experience which had a positive impact on our young people. Very happy with the service from Club Europe. Thank you very much.”

Andrew, Party Leader, Renfrewshire

“As ever, a thoroughly enjoyable trip, well organised and professional, and excellent value for money. Thank you for giving the kids such good memories!”

Ethan, Head of Music, Staffordshire

“So much to see and do - we could easily go again with a completely different itinerary. Met my expectations as a vibrant capital city.”

Paul, Director of Music, London

“We had a brilliant time and it was very smooth thanks to good accommodation, excellent drivers and an outstanding tour manager.”

Ben, Head of Music, Bedfordshire

“Berlin was much enjoyed by the kids and the experience will remain in their minds for years to come.”

Andrew, Party Leader, Hertford

“A very good company to go with and a super tour manager. Thanks for arranging this terrific tour which was enjoyed by all of us.”

June, Tour Leader, Cheshire