School music tours to Belgium

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Trip rating

“Excellent communications throughout. A fantastic few days performing in super venues.”

Karen, Director of Music, Hertfordshire

“Efficient and happy to work with us, rather than prescribe a package tour that didn’t meet our needs.”

Gavin, Director of Music, Staffordshire

“Superb experience for all involved, well looked after from the planning stage to the actually tour itself.  We were able to give out pupils unique performing experiences.”

Rachel, Party leader, West Yorkshire

“This was an amazing trip. The students had a fantastic time and our itinerary was well planned. The tour manager, coach drivers and staff all helped to make it a...”

Paul, Producer, Performing Arts Group, Staffordshire

“Leuven is a lovely city with interesting buildings. It’s not too big so it was an ideal place to give the students some free time to explore around the central...”

Michele, Head of Music, Staffordshire

“Alahree and Isabel were both very competent and friendly. From start to finish everything went like clockwork.”

Sue, Party Leader, Cheshire

“Hannah was great, so polite even when chasing and Isabel had endless patience in the face of lots of questions that she had already answered.”

Esther, Musical Director, Northampton

“Thank you all for a wonderful tour. The pupils are already asking when the next one is.”

Elaine, Party Leader, Dyfed

“Thanks for organising another trip for us. Everyone had a great time and very much appreciate Club Europe’s significant input.”

Mark, Head of Music, Derbyshire

“Fantastic experience from start to finish.”

Laura, party leader, Kent

“I was impressed with Club Europe accommodating the needs of pupils, as well as the small budget and funds that we had. Also, their knowledge of the area that we were...”

Olivia, Music Teacher, Essex

“The result of the overall tour was fantastic including the venues, accommodation and trips.”

Andrew, Party Leader, Rutland

“ I was very grateful for the flexibility offered  It meant [Club Europe] had the ability to tailor the tour to our exact needs and wants.”

Tim, Director of Music, West Sussex

“Hannah was super. She was clear in the information that she delivered to me and dealt with any of my questions and requests quickly and with great patience.”

Ffion, Head of Music, Derbyshire

“Very accommodating of my requests. I was most impressed with the ease of it all, especially because everything is done on-line. A great time had by all, thank you.”

Louise, Head of Music, North Yorkshire

“A most fulfilling and successful tour! Every single member of my team, whether student or staff member, had a fantastic week, and came back buzzing.”

John, Head of Music, Oxfordshire

“Hannah and Sabine really know what they're talking about and are keen to help make the best tour they can.”

James, party leader, London

“I was most impressed with Club Europe’s ability to secure good concert venues and suitable excursion ideas.”

Philip, Head of Music, Llandovery

“Brilliant from start to finish! Thank you for all your hard work and support, we really enjoyed our first music tour.”

Lizzie, Head of Music, West Sussex

“Hannah and Isobel were brilliant. [Tour was] outstandingly well organised.”

Mark, Party Leader, Hertfordshire

“An interesting tour with a range of things to see and do, the students really enjoyed it.”

Katie, Party Leader, West Midlands

“A fabulous experience for students and staff alike - GhentFest in particular was brilliant!”

Katie, Head of Music, Essex

“Everyone I had contact with was excellent. The staff are well briefed and thoroughly trained. Traveling with Club Europe meant we could focus on enjoying making music in a new culture.”

Sam, Party Leader, London

“Blankenberge is well placed for access around the area. A very busy and enjoyable tour holiday.”

Martin, Band Leader, West Yorkshire

“A life-changing experience for staff and students alike which inspired a new, shared understanding and appreciation of WWI through music, drama and dance.”

Jess, Head of Performing Arts, Buckinghamshire

“I was very happy with the ease of contacting Hannah and Isobel and the speed of their responses to my queries. An amazing tour with three superb concert venues.”

Matthew, Director of Music, Cambridgeshire

“Alahree was excellent, patient and understanding of our groups needs and expectations and Isabel was excellent, extremely helpful.”

Lucy, Party Leader, Devon

“Our students had a superb time in Belgium . They were able to perform very well in front of new audiences.”

Luis, party leader, London

“The tour gave our students an amazing musical and cultural experience.”

Kieran, Party Leader, Chelmsford

“Other than getting married, our Club Europe tour is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Everyone I dealt with at Club Europe was amazing.”

Darren Roberts, Music Teacher, Mount Bay Academy, Cornwall

“Our tour to Belgium was a triumph: unforgettable concerts in excellent venues and a perfect blend of excursions, both educational and fun, to suit everyone.”

George, Head of Music, Portsmouth

“We have had the best tour ever. It was a perfectly tailored programme of concerts, free time and excursions, with expert advice and detailed collaborative planning.”

Jennie, Head of Music, Cumbria

“Alahree was brilliant, dealt with any problems very quickly. I could not be happier with Isobel - the itinerary was perfect and I was most impressed that she was able...”

David, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“Club Europe were efficient and very helpful.”

Sophia, Party Leader, East Sussex

“Immensely enjoyable for both students and staff.”

Ffion, Head of Music, Cheshire

“A fantastic experience overall. Everyone had an incredible time and it will go down as one of the highlights of our society’s achievements.”

Sarah, Director of Music, Nottingham

“I was impressed with your communication, quick replies to questions, reminders to me, your patience! You make a potentially very stressful task so much easier!!”

Sue, Party Leader, London

“We have had a wonderful experience with club Europe this year and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Helena, Party Leader, Leeds

“Memorable and we can’t believe we packed so much into a few days.”

Shauna, Music Teacher, Warwickshire

“Really great, professional and met our requirements and criteria brilliantly for the tour. Extremely knowledgeable, patient and accommodating.”

Jane, Director of Music, London

“I wouldn’t want to trust myself and 40 teenagers with another company. A well organised and highly enjoyable trip made easy.”

Sarah, Party Leader, Essex

“We concern ourselves with the music and having a good time - Club Europe do the rest.”

Jock, Head of Music, Hampshire

“Relaxed and inspiring.”

Emma, Director of Music, Devon

“Once again, another superb tour with Club Europe. The pre-tour booking processes and attention to detail was fantastic.”

Andrew, Director of Music, Leicestershire

“Alahree and Sabine were excellent as usual. It is great being able to talk things through and really be listened to. Brilliant.”

Matt, Head of Music, Hampshire

“Hannah was very efficient, always there whether to answer your query on the phone or in an email, knowledgable about the process and there to reassure. Isabel was excellent.”

Alex, Party Leader, South Yorkshire

“Exciting, rewarding and memorable – something for everyone. We had an excellent experience. Abi was amazing, and the coach company were excellent. We would definitely use Club Europe again.”

Mark Penrose, Bilton Grange School, Warwickshire

“Our snowball has just got a lot bigger again thanks to this tour! Of course. we’ll be back for a tour for next year!”

Jane, Head of Music, Bromley

“Over the years Club Europe have helped us increase our popularity in the Ghent Music Festival; this year we had the opening night's slot with over 7000 in the audience.”

Mark Taylor, Director of Music, Simon Balle School, Hertford

“Very close to an ideal tour for us.”

Joe, Music Teacher, London

“Club Europe is fabulously meticulous in their planning, friendly to work with and provide first class tours!”

Katie, Head of Music, Dulwich, London

“Very accommodating staff, patient approach trying to fulfil my every wish - very organised, efficient, approachable, yet extremely professional.”

Kim, Head of Music, Durham

“We have had an amazing time. Caroline our tour manager is THE best. It was a great tour! We would DEFINITELY want Caroline to be with us for our next tour.”

Laura, Leader of specialist String Group, Lincolnshire

“The best organised and most enjoyable tour I have gone on as tour leader.”

Tim, Head of Music, Chelmsford

“Probably our best tour with Club Europe. I have been five times with you now, different school but similar type group.”

Keith, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“Brilliant tour, extremely helpful staff and fantastic performance venues. The organisation of Club Europe staff was brilliant.”

Gemma O'Donnell, Head of Music, Brine Leas School, Cheshire

“We had a fantastic tour.”

Collette, Teacher of Music, Hertfordshire

“The easiest trip I’ve done for ages due to accurate itinerary and outstanding tour manager Matt.”

Penny, Party Leader, Surrey

“As usual, our Club Europe tour was a resounding success, in no small part due to the professionalism and experience of the Club Europe team who planned our tour.”

Sue, Party Leader, London

“A fantastic tour full of many memories for staff and girls alike, a wonderful life experience for the pupils.”

Rachel, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“A highly successful and well-organised tour. Great destination, great venues, and great excursions.”

Samuel, Party Leader, Lancashire

“It was exciting, fun, well organised and memorable. The students have gained new experiences both culturally and musically. Thank you for an amazing tour.”

Caron, Director of Music, Somerset

“This was the best first tour experience we could have had. It was such a lovely experience for all.”

Theresa, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“We really appreciate how seriously Club Europe take our concerts, arranging for us to perform in the very finest venues in the area.”

Matthew, Director of Music, Cambridgshire

“Europe were a knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and accommodating tour company with which to organise our tour.”

Lorna, Party Leader, South Lanarkshire

“The children declared it their ‘best tour yet’ and they made memories that will last a lifetime! It was a really special few days that bonded us as a department.”

Sophie Black, Director of Music, Lingfield College, Surrey

“A wonderful first tour for us. The excursions were perfect for our age range and it was nice that in the middle of all the concerts and rehearsals that we...”

John, Head of Centre, London

“A first rate musical experience and a fun and interesting tour for both staff and students.”

Chris, Head of Music, Wiltshire

“Hannah was very helpful with lots of information, especially with different quotes at the time of booking and Isabel was very approachable and kept in touch regularly, accommodating some changes...”

Jennie, Head of Music, Cumbria

“An excellent tour. Students enjoyed performing in three well-attended concerts and made memories that will last a lifetime.”

Collette, Music Teacher, Hertfordshire

“The tour was very memorable and all had a fantastic time – a pity it was over so quickly!”

Margaret Talyor, Head of Music, Sir John Leman High School, Suffolk

“The Bobbejaanland theme park was fantastic. The musical instrument museum is definitely a must. It has a wonderful restaurant on the top floor with views of the whole city.”

Collette, Music Teacher, Hertfordshire

“I cannot thank you enough for your support, hard work and patience; it was a massively positive, life changing event for all 27 of those young people. It was just perfect.”

Darren Roberts, Music and Performance Development Manager, Mounts Bay Academy, Cornwall

“The itineraries were sorted very early on, with the right balance between concerts and excursions. [Club Europe] have an understanding of how to make a tour special for the students.”

Paul, Party Leader, Merseyside

“A music tour that the students will remember and treasure.”

Emma, party leader, Hertfordshire

“Lucy was fantastic, very helpful. Another great tour that parents and pupils will remember.”

Adam, Head of Music, Surrey

“I was pleased with Club Europe’s management and very happy with the itinerary. The communication with Lucy and Isabel was good.”

Alvaro Cortes, Holmwood House Prep School, Essex

“Club Europe provided us the platform to give our students an unforgettable tour that many of them had never experienced before.”

Martin, party leader, Leeds

“An immaculately organised tour and one which gave both students and teachers an enjoyable experience focusing on their music.”

Alex, Head of Music, Kent