School music tours to Austria

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Trip rating

“We would confidently recommend this company and this tour to any other school looking to give their students a phenomenal life experience.”

Robert, music teacher, Warwickshire

“I love the personal approach with all the staff at Club Europe. I feel I know Alahree, Sabine and Tim fairly well now and, more importantly they know us and...”

Chris, Head of Music, Worcestershire

“Having used several tour companies over previous years, you proved to be the most efficient. Fantastic organisation and staff!”

Karen, Conductor, West Sussex

““Personal and professional. Sabine contributed significantly to the success of the tour.”

Jon, Musical Director, Hampshire

“It took the stress out of a foreign tour. Great to have worked with you again.”

Jenna, Director of Music, Coventry

“The tour was fantastic! The youth hostel was very accommodating, the coach company was also super. The venues were all v good. Marcus, the rep, was one of the best...”

Martin, Music Teacher, Leeds

“It was a fantastic musical and cultural experience for the students. It turned out to be a great tour and everyone really enjoyed the experience.”

Gemma, Party Leader, Sussex

“The students had a trip which they will remember for a lifetime and the opportunity to perform in those amazing places brought them closer together as a group.”

Ben, Head of Music, Bedfordshire

“I was impressed with the planning stages – looking at the various concert possibilities and discussing the various excursions.”

Paul, Director of Music, Kent

“The highlight for our students was performing in the four concert venues particularly the Mirabell Gardens where we had a huge and very appreciative audience.”

Maureen, Party Leader, London

“I feel like I owe Hannah a great deal for bending over backwards to accommodate our small group. Every message and concern was dealt with quickly, cheerfully, and efficiently.”

George, Head of Music, Portsmouth

“Great, we’ve built a great relationship with Alahree over many years. Another great tour!”

Tim, Head of Music, West Midlands

“Comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable for students and staff alike!”

Jennifer, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“Thank you for an absolutely fantastic trip! You and your team made it so easy. The itinerary was so well planned, detailed and thought through.”

Elsabe Fourie, Director of Music, Johannesburg

“It was lovely thank you. The kids are buzzing and had so much fun. Accommodation was great and the owner is so lovely.”

Andrew O'Brien, Director of Music, Haileybury College, Hertfordshire

“Another fantastic tour, where students have had the opportunity to create life-long memories through their mutual love of musical performance. Thank you for helping us to make it happen!”

Lizzie Holmes, Head of Music, St Paul's Catholic College, West Sussex

“We have toured with Club Europe for over 20 years and once again, we were delighted with the support we were given whilst planning our recent Salzburg tour.”

Collette, Teacher of Music, Hertfordshire

“[On a church concert] Beautiful. The perfect venue for choral music. A very successful concert. Full church with appreciative audience.”

William, Director of Music, London


Sarah, Party Leader, Merseyside

“We had an amazing tour to Austria. Club Europe listened to all of our needs and tried to accommodate them in our tour and as a result staff and pupils...”

Allison, Head of Music, Essex