School music tours to France

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Trip rating

“Professional and very well informed. A pleasure as always. Everything worked out well and we had a tour that was perfectly balanced in all respects.”

Christoper, Head of Music, Middlesex

“We are all extremely grateful. Our experience of Club Europe was wonderful - probably the most successful tour I have been on in every aspect.”

Anthony, Subject Leader for Music, Northamptonshire

“We all had the most fantastic time, the memories of the brilliant concerts will stay with us all.”

Heather, Head of Music, London

“I was impressed with the clear instructions and reminders to do things which is essential when you are a busy teacher.”

Tracey, Party Leader, North Humberside

“An outstanding music tour, with fantastic performing opportunities for our students. I was impressed with how approachable Alahree and the team were.”

Amy Stothard, Sandringham School Academy Trust, Hertfordshire

“Every aspect of our choir tour with Club Europe has exceeded my expectations. Such an amazing level of support and high-level of service.”

James, party leader, London

“Another fabulous trip.”

Karen, Director of Music, Hertfordshire

“The students wore the Club Europe wristbands with pride and are planning to collect them over the years. Overall a difficult job made easier.”

Sue, Party Leader, London

“This was a great success - all the staff feel this way about the tour. Very well-organised pre-tour, tour manager was superb.”

Chris, Party Leader, Wirral

“I was very pleased with our pre-tour experience. Club Europe makes organising a tour so easy, I can’t recommend them enough.”

Anthony, Head of Music, Lancashire

“I love working with CE staff. We are already counting the days to the next tour!”

Jane, Head of Music, Kent

“Thank you Club Europe for another fantastic music tour – I would recommend you to any group wanting a stress free and wholly enriching trip!”

Lucy, Teacher of Music, Devon

“Friendly, easy, efficient and with excellent back-up from the UK.”

Chris, Director of Music, West Yorkshire

“Club Europe helped us organise a packed tour with four different concerts in three days, including a bandstand near Notre Dame.”

Paul, Head of Music, Northampton

“Club Europe organised the trip beautifully around our requests and requirements.”

Marcus, Head of Music, Surrey

“Alahree and Sabine were very good –  very helpful indeed. A very enjoyable tour.”

Sam, Party leader, Kent

“We had a great time overall. We were impressed with Club Europe. To be specific, better than our previous tour with a different company.”

Nick, Head of Music, West Sussex

“An amazing opportunity for the students to showcase their talents, experience another country and develop the personal skills required to live and work together whilst on tour.”

Michele, Party Leader, Staffordshire

“This is the first time I have used a travel agent and I would definitely do it again. Not having to worry about anything except the music was a bonus.”

Helen, Head of Music, Kent

“Professional, friendly and the experience of a lifetime for the students.”

Victoria, Head of Music, London

“Club Europe took all the pressure of organising away from staff so we could enjoy the experience as much as our students. A fabulous experience.”

Jayne, Head of Music, South Humberside

“Overall, this was a fabulous music tour and the students got so much out of it. Thank you.”

Matt, Party Leader, Merseyside

“I was most impressed with the company being able to secure an appropriate performance venue. Final information was very clear and straightforward. Overall: Fantastic!”

Philip, Head of Music, Carmarthenshire

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Hannah was very helpful in advising us and helped solve any problems that arose.”

Allison, Head of Music, Essex

“Fantastic performing locations, well-informed Tour Manager with educational and fun-filled excursions.”

Caron, Director of Music, Somerset

“Alahree was fabulous as ever!”

Sue, party leader, London

“The children had an amazing and unforgettable experience - one that will remain with them the rest of their lives.”

Tracey, Head of Junior School Music, North Humberside

“An incredible experience for pupils and staff alike, organised by the most efficient and professional people you could hope to work with.”

Lizzie Lawrence, Sandbach High School VI Form, Cheshire

“xcellent service as usual – always a pleasure to chat with Alahree and Sabine. A great company with a family feeling, why would you go with anyone else?”

Chris, Head of Music, Worcestershire

“We had a marvellous time and the children experienced something they will never forget. Many thanks to the team.”

Mark, Head of Music, North Humberside

“We had an excellent time and all our group members will remember the trip for a long time. Performing on such a large stage in Disney was a fantastic experience.”

John, Head of Music, Brentwood

“We would definitely like to work with and travel with Club Europe again.”

Dawn, Music Administrator, Surrey

“Excellent, a fantastic tour giving lasting musical memories to all involved.”

Lucy, Party Leader, Devon

“Hannah & Sabine were very experienced; it gave me confidence with my first music trip abroad in ensuring that everything was effectively organised and planned.”

Fiona, Head of Music, West Yorkshire

“Super – the tour was well organised, queries answered quickly. All arrangements went smoothly and any last minute tweaks were accommodated.”

Rachel, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“The chance to play in such marvellous venues was amazing - the staff and pupils all had a wonderful time.”

Norman, Director of Music, West Midlands

“Good organisation of the accommodation and the travel. A very positive experience.”

Anne-Marie, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“From start to finish the whole trip was a fantastic experience for everyone. Performing at Disneyland is something that will stay with us forever.”

John, Director of Music, Cambridge

“From the very beginning, Sabine has done her utmost to please. Having her on tour with us was most helpful to us.”

Lesley, Teacher of Music, Surrey

“Club Europe are there to help at every step of your tour and no question is ever too silly. They are able to offer a wonderful variety of musical concerts...”

Alex Fouracre-Smith, King Edward VI School, Suffolk

“A stress-free tour that had been carefully and accurately planned – once again Club Europe came up trumps! Why would anyone travel with any other company?”

Christine Nicklin, Head of Music, Nottingham Girls High School, Nottingham

“Alahree was professional, yet personable. All queries were dealt with in a very quick turnaround. A professional and reliable experience.”

Ben, Music Teacher, Kent

“Hannah and Sabine came across as helpful, friendly and professional at all times. An excellent tour.”

Matt, party leader, Durham

“Alex was fantastic. Any small problems we had he quickly sorted out with no fuss. He got on great with the kids and the staff had a lot of fun...”

Daniel, Head of Music, Derbyshire

“It was a great experience. The itinerary and venues were excellent.”

Alvaro, party leader, Essex

“It was a very successful tour and I am delighted with the experience the girls have enjoyed.”

Phil, Head of Music, Newcastle

“Overall: A well organised, varied trip that we all enjoyed and had a brilliant first music tour experience through!”

Suzanne, Head of Performing Arts, Berkshire

“We had a FANTASTIC tour. It was our first music tour and I can honestly say that we all had an amazing time.”

Christine, Head of Music, Nottingham

“All the people dealing with our tour were helpful, quick to respond and quick to sort any issues.”

Debbie, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“I was impressed with the organised attitude of Club Europe. A very successful and enjoyable tour with excellent support from staff both on the tour and back in the UK.”

Debbie, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“Love the company. Feels very caring and enabling. I’d recommend you to others, as I have done time and time again.”

Suzie, Party Leader, London

“[On a concert in a park] A very welcoming atmosphere. We loved it and were warmly received by the French families in the park.”

Fergus, Head of Music, Cornwall

“From start to finish, a professional experience for both staff and students. Thank you!”

Ashley, Party Leader, West Sussex

“Sam was consistently exceptional throughout the tour, offering help with virtually every aspect of the trip.”

Oliver, Head of Music, London