School music tours to Italy

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Trip rating

“Club Europe have an experienced and dedicated team who plan the best possible tour, tailor-made for your groups with outstanding concert venues.”

Helen, Head of Music, Lancashire

“A well organised and hugely enjoyable tour which incorporated some great days out with memorable evening concerts in super venues.”

John, Party Leader, Greater Manchester

“We had a brilliant week and would certainly recommend the location of Lake Garda to other schools.”

Elinor, Music Teacher, Hertfordshire

“Hannah and Alberto were excellent. The tour was a great success on every level, largely due to the detailed preparation and advice from Club Europe.”

Robert, Director of Music, Middlesex

“I think the beautiful location made it perfect and the huge variety of activities for students meant they had a wonderful trip.”

Ashley, Party Leader, West Sussex

“"Fantastic service and friendly phone calls. Expectations understood easily. Quick email responses with lots of detail."”

Adam, Director of Music, Caterham

“Club Europe’s arrangements were absolutely superb and Bernie worked her fingers to the bone for the entire time we were there.”

Fiona, Director of Music, West Yorkshire

“We had a good tour. The excursions to Pisa and Florence were good and a highlight was the visit to San Gimignano and the concert in St. Agostino church.”

Heather, Head of Music, Greater Manchester

“A very well-organised tour, with excellent concert venues.”

Andrew, Director of Music, Northamptonshire

“We have built a good relationship over a number of years and Alahree has always been prompt and effectively dealt with any queries or problems.”

Tim, Head of Music, West Midlands

“Very enjoyable - a wonderful part of the world to play to some fabulous audiences.”

Tim, Head of Music, Derbyshire

“An all round star! Dario had a massively positive impact on our tour. It is such a crucial role to fill and he did it brilliantly. Thank you!”

Sharon, Party Leader, Staffordshire

“An amazing tour made so much easier with the help of the staff at Club Europe. Thank you to everyone for helping to make the tour such a success.”

Sue, Party Leader, Kent

“Very many thanks to everyone I had contact with in Club Europe for making this such a happy experience.”

Hilary, Director of Music, Norwich

“Very well organised, supportive staff and an outstanding tour manager who made the trip a great experience for all.”

Robert, Party Leader, East Sussex

“One of the best music tours I have done; the kids loved it.”

Katie, Head of Music, London

“It was without doubt our best tour to date! The hotel was excellent, the concerts were great (especially the one in Florence) and the day trips were super.”

Tim, Head of Music, Wolverhampton

“From beginning to end, it's an enjoyable experience to go on a Club Europe tour!”

Emma, Head of Music, Bexley, Kent

“Another outstanding experience. A friendly, helpful, personal experience from start to finish.”

Jon, Party Leader, Berkshire

“A fantastic tour which all the students enjoyed and where they all performed to a high standard.”

Jane, Party Leader, Wiltshire

“A very warm thank you; it was a very enjoyable few days and well organised. We look forward to planning some more tours in the future.”

Nicholas, Head of Music, West London

“Our music tour to Italy was fantastic with breathtaking views, incredible excursions and stunning performances - one of our most successful tours to-date.”

Matthew, Party Leader, Buckinghamshire

“I have run many trips over the last twenty years and this was one of the most enjoyable and memorable.”

Rob, Party Leader, London

“All queries were handled with promptly and all (CE) staff work hard to ensure the tour fits the requirements of the group.”

Matt, Head of Music, Hampshire

“Excellent throughout – very careful planning, flexibility when needed, always ahead of the game which made such a difference.”

Andrew, Director of Music, Hertfordshire

“Hannah and Alberto were excellent – always able to help and Alberto had great local knowledge. A memorable tour.”

Jonathan, Director of Music, Hampshire

“Club Europe delivered an unforgettable week of fun-filled excursions, concerts in stunning locations and amazing opportunities for my students to bond as a group of musicians.”

Lucy, music teacher, Devon

“We have a long partnership with the company and we greatly appreciate the care and attention to our requests.”

Duncan, Director of Music, Nottingham

“It was a wonderful trip which the students enjoyed immensely.”

Olly, Head of Music, Colchester

“I was really impressed with so many aspects of the Club Europe experience. We had a fantastic week of Italian culture and enjoyable concerts.”

Lizzie, Head of Music, Cheshire

“A great tour with much attention to detail - a thrilling experience for the choirs and the bands with some great concert venues.”

Helen, Head of Music, Lancashire

“Felt very secure in the hands of Club Europe, the tour company is professional and very experienced.”

Corinna, Director of Music, East Sussex

“All queries dealt with in a very professional manner. I was impressed with all the professional and well-informed members of Club Europe staff.”

Lucy, Party Leader, Devon

“A fantastic cultural and musical experience - a big thank you to all of you at Club Europe for making our tour such a great success.”

Debbie, Head of Music, Hertfordshire

“Since I started using Club Europe for our concert tours in 2010, Hannah has been my main and first point of contact. She has never put a foot wrong.”

Andrew, Party Leader, Leicestershire

“Our tour was a fun and exciting trip filled with interesting excursions, great performance opportunities and lots of sunshine.”

Helen, Party Leader, London

“Your company has once again reminded me of why we always put our trust in you to prepare experiences of lifetimes.”

Glyn, Head of Music, Mid Glamorgan

“The whole experience was amazing for staff and students, possibly the most successful school trip I have ever been on or had the pleasure of organising.”

James, Head of Music, Norwich

“The main thing is that the pupils have a good time and a good time was had by all so thank you very much.”

Liz, Head of Music, London

“Excellent. Alahree is efficient and responds quickly to queries. We had an amazing time - it’s the best tour yet.”

Christine, Head of Music, Nottingham

“A superb and wonderful time was had by all, in stunning surroundings. All the party will take away great memories with them.”

Andy, Head of Music, Norwich

“It was an unforgettable experience made that much more enjoyable due to the professional and friendly staff.”

Jon, Party Leader, Essex

“Venice is a fabulous city steeped in musical history and a music tour to this destination is definitely a good choice.”

Helle, Head of Music, Leicestershire

“All ideas and plans were listened to and acted upon. Overall a wonderful memory-packed tour in one of the most beautifully scenic places on this planet.”

Andy, Head of Music, Buckinghamshire

“The children are over the moon, and the emails I have received from parents like essays of positivity. Grazie, Grazie, Grazie Mille.”

Matthew Haworth, Head of Music & Lead Teacher for Transition Egglescliffe School,

“Perfect! An amazing experience for everyone. The timings were absolutely perfect and the excursions to Burano, Murano and to the opera in Verona were magical.”

Sandra, Party Leader, Taunton

“Brilliant. Thank you for all your hard work, we have had so much positive feedback.”

Suzie, Head of Music, Gloucestershire

“A fantastic mix of concerts, activities and a stunning location. This is the best tour we have done to date.”

Matt, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“Club Europe are very supportive and always go the extra mile to help.”

Jo, Party Leader, Cheshire

“An amazing, jam-packed and eye-opening experience – we will treasure our tour to Lake Garda!”

Emma, Head of Music, Kent

“Yet another amazing trip with excellent venues and organisation.”

Karen, conductor, West Sussex

“Great scenery, Great venues, Great music!”

Stephen, Head of Performing Arts, Cheshire

“It was excellent. Alaharee and Alberto get 10 our of 10. I was impressed with the good communication and easy availability of all staff to speak with.”

Tom, Head of Music, West Sussex

“Our Tour to Venice was just brilliant. Fantastic hotel, fabulous food, amazing excursions and, of course, memorable musical experiences.”

Maureen, Party Leader, London

“We all had a fantastic time and the choir singing Mass in St. Mark's is a memory which will stay with me forever.”

Matthew, Head of Music, County Durham

“The students had a wonderful time - which says everything.”

Sharon, Head of Music, Staffordshire

“Club Europe continue to be helpful and organise exciting tours.”

Catherine Bowden, Head of Music, Kew House School, Middlesex

“The tour had the wow factor and as it was my first time leading a group abroad I was so pleased we went with Club Europe.”

Ed, Party Leader, Surrey

“Very suitable for school groups. We were pleasantly surprised. Great location and the amount of food was great. Even the 15 year boys were full!”

Lucy, Music Teacher, Devon

“Hannah is fabulous. Everything was just perfect. We had a wonderful tour, thank you all so much for what you did for us.”

Chris, Party Leader, Cambridgeshire

“A well organised, superb lifetime experience for all involved!”

Andy, Head of Music, Oxfordshire