School music tours to Netherlands

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Trip rating

“Alahree was excellent and professional as usual. Overall: a successful and enjoyable tour.”

Caron, Director of Music, Somerset

“Hannah was professional, very helpful - and I was always able to contact Ed and discuss the itinerary.”

Jayne, Director of Music, London

“It is the first school trip abroad that I have been on where the pupils have all eaten well and been complimentary about the food.”

Helen, Head of Music, Carmarthenshire

“Hannah and Sabine are always very helpful and quick to respond to queries. It was a fabulous trip (even better than our last).”

Deborah, Head of Music, Buckinghamshire

“Hannah and Sabine were excellent. Overall, everything went well and we had a really good time both at the concerts and the other activities.”

Louise, Music Secretary, Greater Manchester

“An excellent tour. The children fully enjoyed the range of experiences, a nice mix of concerts, sightseeing and free time.”

John, Head of Music, Bury

“Overall: a really good time, the pupils had a fantastic experience and won a silver medal into the bargain.”

Alison, Head of Music, Shropshire

“Alahree and Sabine were excellent, always available to email or talk. Overall expertly planned, taken care of and tremendous fun.”

Joanne, Party Leader, West Midlands

“A well planned tour which was hugely enjoyable in every respect. Thank you for putting this trip together for us.”

Chris Fay, Head of Music, Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School, Wiltshire

“Fantastic as usual, you make it easy!”

Sue Stephens, Head of Music, Alexandra Park School, London

“This was one of, if not the best, tour we have ever done, thank you all for making it a success.”

Matt, Party Leader, West Yorkshire

“In one sentence: you make it simple!”

Sue, Party Leader, London

“The tour as a whole was fantastic. We all had an excellent time away and will continue to use Club Europe for our concert tours.”

Daniel, Head of Music, Derbyshire

“Well organised and fool proof!”

Claire, Head of Performing Arts, Thames Ditton

“Smoothly organised and run from first phone call to waving goodbye to the last band member on our return.”

Tim, Director of Music, Essex

“Award three A stars to Club Europe for achievement, ambitious tour programme and all round great fun. [The location] was outstanding. I would stay there myself for a holiday.”

Bruce, Director of Music, Liverpool

“A lovely place to visit with a great itinerary. The accommodation was phenomenal.”

Margaret, Head of Music, Suffolk

“[Lucy] was contactable at all times and gave guidance on the day trips available at our destination. In one word, our tour was: energising!”

Jane Bodenham, Head of Music, Prendergast-Hillyfields College, London

“As always the consistent professional team at club Europe allowed us to give our pupils an experience which will last forever. It was fantastic!”

Martin, Music Teacher, West Yorkshire

“The trip was excellent, the best yet! All the trips went down well and thank you for arranging them and being flexible with my arrangements.”

Alison, Head of Music, Shropshire

“A wonderful tour and a superb experience before I retire. Thank you.”

Roland, Head of Music, Buckinghamshire

“Amazing! The most enjoyable tour we have had.”

Laura, Head of Music, Durham

“The tour was an outstanding success. The pupils and parents were really pleased, which makes my life easier. Many thanks.”

Philip, Head of Music, West Glamorgan

“A great tour. A tour that will create memories to last a lifetime.”

Mark, Party Leader, Hertfordshire

“Musically exciting and well organised with excellent venues. Thank you for your help, we had yet another successful tour.”

Heather, Head of Music, Hertfordshire