Music tours to Belgium

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Trip rating

“A fun and enjoyable experience, which exceeded our expectations, with great singing and appreciative audiences. It was a real bonding experience for the choir and everyone loved it.”

Chris Philips, Party Leader, Joyful Spirit Gospel Choir, Somerset

“Everything possible was done to make the tour a success including all the little details so that everyone had a good time.”

Nick, Head of Music, Easy Sussex

“Alahree gave me excellent support with clear and prompt replies to my many queries. We had an excellent tour.”

Pat, party leader, Kent

“A fabulous experience - GhentFest in particular was brilliant! Everything went extremely smoothly and we all had a fantastic time.”

Katie, Musical Director, Essex

“I could not be happier with Isobel - the itinerary was perfect and I was most impressed that she was able to sort out a castle performance for us. Overall...”

David, Musical Director, Hertfordshire

“Thank you all for a wonderful tour.”

Elaine, Musical Director, Dyfed

“Alahree and Sabine were excellent as usual. It is great being able to talk things through and really be listened to. Brilliant.”

Matt, Musical Director, Hampshire


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“We concern ourselves with the music and having a good time. Club Europe do the rest.”

Jock, Musical Director, Hampshire

“Being supported by Club Europe from start to finish worked for us and on return the entire choir were on a high from their first tour experience.”

Michele, party leader, Buckinghamshire