Music tours to Netherlands

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Trip rating

“Amazing! The most enjoyable tour we have had.”

Laura, Musical Director, Durham

“An excellent venue. Brilliant space to perform in. Great acoustics, and a great audience. We would definitely play there again.”

Clare, Band Leader, Oxfordshire

“A fantastic musical, social and cultural experience. This is our 10th tour with Club Europe, we will be back for more!”

Michele, Party Leader, Staffordshire

“They have provided me with some very special memories. A wonderful tour and a superb experience before I retire. Thank you.”

Roland, Musical Director, Buckinghamshire

“We discovered the biscuit and chocolate factory at the Zaanse Schans and that was great. The whole complex was great as you could choose what you wanted to do.”

Ann-Marie, Musical Director, London

“A great tour. A tour that will create memories to last a lifetime.”

Mark, Musical Director, Hertfordshire

“As always the consistent professional team at club Europe allowed us to have an experience which will last forever. It was fantastic!”

Martin, Musical Director, West Yorkshire

“Sabine was also a great help, with some good suggestions, the venues selected were ideal. Club Europe made the running of the trip so easy.”

Jenny, Party Leader, Nottingham