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Whether you're looking for a football tour in Barcelona, a rugby tour in Biarritz or a netball tour in Malta, all our sports tours for schools offer a unique benefit: the opportunity to be coached by expert professional coaches.

All our European sports tours offer training sessions with industry professionals, many of whom coach clubs at the highest level.

Coached by the best

This expert tuition is then put to the test with matches or tournaments against local teams. Armed with new found confidence and skills, our young sports squads, often enjoy a big boost to their performance and teamwork which would have been hard to achieve at home.

When not training or playing matches, our young tourers get the chance to explore the country and culture of the country they're touring in. They visit the sights, spend time on the beach and enjoy exclusive tickets to watch professional matches in some of the best sporting leagues in the world.

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"Professional, courteous, committed and fun. Many thanks Club Europe for a first class experience."

Nick Howe, St Paul’s Junior School, London

"A caring operator who worked hard for the boys to get a great experience and develop their football at the same time."

Tom Whitehead, Head of Football, Dulwich College.

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