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Danielle Tysall-Blay

Danielle Tysall-Blay

Account Manager – Sports Tours

Danielle graduated last year with a degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Science from Brunel University, where she also qualified in Sports Massage and chaired the university’s cheerleading team, organising competitions and tours.

”I’ve been involved in some sort of sport my whole life,” say Danielle. “When I was younger I played netball, tennis, football, did karate, went skiing, did lots of types of dance and cheerleading. I was doing a sport almost everyday of the week!

“Among my best achievements was cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia on a charity cycle in 2013.

“One of my favourite sporting memories was when I was lucky enough to watch Usain Bolt win the 200m at the London Olympics. I was also thrilled to be at the match where Japan beat South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

“These days my sports are tennis, skiing and cheerleading but I am still a very keen spectator of both football and rugby.”

Danielle joined Club Europe in April 2017: “I am very excited to be involved in creating sports tours for students. There are some fantastic sporting opportunities overseas for young people to experience.”

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"Professional, courteous, committed and fun. Many thanks Club Europe for a first class experience."

Nick Howe, St Paul’s Junior School, London

"A caring operator who worked hard for the boys to get a great experience and develop their football at the same time."

Tom Whitehead, Head of Football, Dulwich College.

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