Your next music tour – no nasty surprises!

Are you worried about the rising costs of your music tour?

We just wanted to tell you..

OUR CURRENT PRICES ARE GUARANTEED. You’ll get no surcharges from us!

Booking with Club Europe means you will always get the best, fairest, value for money music tour for your ensemble.

Since the country’s decision to Brexit last year we have seen prices increase by around 12 per cent as a result of a far weaker sterling. Despite this, as a company that has NEVER surcharged in our 36 year existence, we have no intention of doing so now.

In addition, your tour price is guaranteed once you confirm your booking. This should give you peace of mind that what you advertised to your members is what you will pay.

We are aware of other music tour companies choosing to surcharge their clients. We feel very strongly that this is not an approach that builds trust.

Booking with Club Europe means you will always get the fairest price.

To benefit from our current prices, which are guaranteed up until 31st March 2017, contact us today for your quotation on Freephone 0800 496 4996.

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