Introducing our wonderful music team: Alberto

Alberto Ballico joined Club Europe in 2010 as an Operations Manager.

Here he tells us about his career as an Italian professional footballer, where his love of music all started and why he enjoys working at Club Europe.

“Since I was a child I loved to be around friends and being involved in the community. I joined the local football team because some of my school friends were in it, then discovered that I actually was a skillful goalkeeper and played until my 20’s up to professional level when I was still in Italy.

Alberto is pictured below in his footballing days at the back, far left.

“I always liked to experience new things and get involved in different projects so, when I was 10 years old, my parents presented me with the opportunity to take some music lessons. That’s where I started playing the French Horn in my local brass band.

“It was also during this time I began my rudimentary studies in music theory. I enjoyed it and found myself capable but the real reason I had started it was because I fancied a girl who was attending classes. Jokes aside, I developed a liking for music and the impact that it has in society.

“In my early teens, thanks to my brother’s collection, I discovered the British band Queen and became really fascinated by their flamboyant customs and music in general. During this time, I periodically joined college bands as a vocalist and enjoyed the colleague popularity that came with it but it also deepened my passion for music.

“In the late 90’s I moved to London to familiarise myself with the English Language and broaden my horizons. In England I continued my music studies and improved my music skills by taking further music courses, including studying for a BA in Music.

“Music is and always will be part of my life; so far, I’ve taught piano to kids, sang in choirs, cover bands and played keyboards in a gospel band. Who knows what I will be doing in future years!

“Since joining Club Europe I must say that this position, perfectly combines and reinforces my passion for music and the role it plays in society.

“I love the fact that through music people of all ages can gather together; they can share their common interest and travel and discover fantastic new places. Although I am in charge of organising tours in more than one destination in Europe, I love that the knowledge of my native country, Italy, has deepened since starting working here.

“I also love it that every group has different requirements, because it gives me a reason to be on the look out for new concert venues and excursions each year, keeping not only the itineraries fresh but also my zest for music and travelling alive”.

Call our friendly music team on 0800 496 4996 to discuss a music tour for your ensemble or click on the link to find out more about all our wonderful music tours.


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"Lovely venues, lovely audiences, comfortable accommodation. Alahree was very prompt and efficient with her responses and understood our needs well."

Gill Chapman, Cecilia Singers, Berkshire.

"It was brilliant and everything I expected from a tour and more. Jonathan was brilliant. He was always patient with me and nothing seemed to phase him. Sabine was just wonderful, always willing to listen to what I suggested we wanted from the tour. She has endless patience. Playing at the Last Post was so moving, we felt very privileged to be able to perform at such a moving ceremony."

Cath Danswan, Swindon Choral Society, Wiltshire.

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