German history trip success

  • Mar 07, 2016

A school from Essex had an amazing two-city history trip to Dresden and Berlin last month.

The trip was packed with educational visits and activities. Julia, the school’s Head of History, said the students’ highlights included:

  • Visiting the Tropical Island
  • Going to the VW Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden
  • Seeing Meissen
  • Driving a Trabant
  • Walking through Berlin; and
  • Going to a Chocolate factory.

“The highlight for me,” she added, “was the perfect public transport and [seeing the] students enjoying the language, food, technology and history.

“The students spoke German throughout the day, learned about the history of Germany and the region of Saxony.

“Dane and Sabine were always fast, polite and very professional. Thank you and your team at club Europe for all your help and reassurance.”

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