Frequently Asked Questions

How far do your tours support the curriculum?

We carefully listen to your curriculum needs and tailor-make your itinerary to achieve the best possible result.

How much advice and support do you offer first time party leaders?

We offer you all the advice and support you require - every step of the way. Rest assured; we organise everything.

Can you advise us on insurance?

Yes. We include a comprehensive insurance package in every tour unless instructed otherwise. We can provide you with the details.

Can more than one subject be covered on the tour?

Yes, there are many advantages to this. One is that greater numbers sign up which means a lower tour price per student. Another is that a diverse (two-subject) itinerary can broaden the horizons of both ‘groups’ though, of course, we can create separate agendas for each if preferred.

How do we pay you?

We agree a three-stage process so that payments can be staggered to make it easier for parents.

How much work will I have to do?

Once your student travel tour is booked, it is safely in our hands. We will only ask for you assistance in understanding your specific requirements and you will be responsible for ensuring that the dates on our checklist are adhered to. During the process, we will also ask you to provide accurate student and teacher name, passport and dietary requirement details where appropriate.

How do I get my students to sign up for the tour?

We can send you mini-brochures to hand out at school and a PowerPoint presentation for assemblies and parent’s meetings you may wish to hold. We also have an interactive promotional poster you can put up on walls and noticeboards. This will make it easier for you to get your students excited about your plans.

How far ahead must I book?

You should book your tour between 8-18 months in advance. This will give us time to secure the best possible accommodation and excursion programme for your tour and you will have ample time for fundraising should you need to do so.

What is the best time of year to travel to Europe?

The most pleasant time of year to come to Europe is between May and September; you may wish to consider this when planning your tour. Summer temperatures across Europe range from 18-35 degrees Celsius. European cities in winter can also offer many interesting cultural experiences that you may enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions
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"Club Europe offer a great personal service, helpful and always proactive and patient. They are really positive and professional."

Alexandra, Head of Physics, Alleyn’s School London

"I have had excellent service as always. We used the sites as sources of historical evidence to aid GCSE performance. All aspects of the trip were very well organised."

Patrick, History Teacher, Hampshire.

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