Posted: 11 September 2013

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Director of Music visits Club Europe

We were delighted to welcome Simon Toyne, Deputy Head and Director of Music at Tiffin School in Kingston to our Club Europe offices yesterday.

Simon, who has led many school music tours to Europe as well China and New Zealand, gave us an invaluable insight into his experiences of school tours from a teacher’s perspective.

A great supporter of school music tours, he spoke about the bonding that takes place on tour that is so essential to improve musical standards. You can have all the skills and talent in the world, he said, but unless your group gel these are worthless. A tour, he said, was a great focus for a music department, especially those struggling with numbers.

One of his students summed up how we too feel about touring. “It’s the perfect mix of music, team spirit and fun shared betweeen a large range of ages.”

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