Posted: 03 March 2014

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School music tour sing at the Menin Gate

School music tour sing at the Menin Gate

A teacher from a school in North Yorkshire has described his choir’s performance at the Menin Gate as one of the highlights of his career.

Blogging about the choir’s performance which was part of a five-day school music tour to Belgium over half term, the Party Leader Louise said: “[They] have just sung in front of 500 people at the Menin Gate. They sang beautifully and amid the magnificent dignity of the setting and the ceremony it was truly a memorable moment. As we boarded the bus Mr. Pierce Williams thanked the students, described the moment as one of the highlights of this career and wishing for them that they should find future careers that include that sort of special experience they had just given him.”

Speaking of their trip to the Ypres battlefields, the blog continues:

“Wonderful as the evening has been we’ve had a rather solemn and thought provoking afternoon visiting four war sites – three cemeteries and the Yorkshire Trench. Incredibly at the first site we went to, and remembering that there are over 150 such cemeteries in the Ypres area, [one of our students] found the grave of his great uncle.”

In addition to the choir, the school’s concert band also performed on the tour:

“Our tour youngsters have done very well. Our busy days demand stamina, independence, organisational skills and you’ve pretty much got to like chicken. It’s great to see them laughing together, making new friends, or deepening friendships across year groups, and showing care by helping each other. They have developed their performances in just the short time on tour.

“Intense playing is good for you, it’s official, [the students] all offer something, not least of which is a commitment to the whole and they enjoy their music making. Which is the most important thing. It’s such a privilege to be part of it.”

It’s wonderful to hear our school music tours yield such amazing experiences for both students and teachers. Click on the link for more details of school music tours to Belgium.

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Anthony Chew, Head of Music, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, Lancashire.

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Jane Werry, Head of Music, Hayes School, Kent.

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James Williams, Llandovery College, Carmarthenshire.

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