Posted: 15 September 2014

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Two-destination school music tour is a hit

Two-destination school music tour is a hit

A school band and choir tour to Ghent and Valkenburg was a great success.

The music teacher from the school in Hertfordshire who led the group said: “It was a great tour. We had a great time in Valkenburg and Ghent was amazing. It was a tour that will create memories to last a lifetime.”

He was delighted with his ensemble who performed at the GhentFest: “It was a total success. It was like coming home. Building up the relationship year on year with this concert venue has been inspirational. We have moved from a not too good slot to a prime evening slot at one of the largest venues at the festival.

“Caroline, our rep, was brill, the group loved her and she carried out her job very professionally. She rang ahead to venues, liaised with local people and was brilliant. Most importantly she took the stress off me so I could focus on the concerts.”

Call us for more information on our multi-destination school music tours or click on the links for more details of our school music tours to Ghent and our school music tours to Valkenburg.

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