Posted: 01 December 2014

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Junior school choir tour to Paris is 'amazing'

Junior school choir tour to Paris is 'amazing'

A school from North Humberside have had a wonderful school choir tour to Paris this month.

The highlight of their tour was performing at Disneyland.

“The people who dealt with us were fantastic – so friendly and helpful,“ said Tracey their Head of Junior School Music. “They put us at ease. The children loved performing here and found the whole process extremely exciting.”

The group also performed at Chartres Cathedral, which was another amazing experience for this young group. “It’s a super venue and we enjoyed singing there,“ Tracey said.

“We received fantastic applause at the end of our concert – in fact the longest round of applause I can remember for a concert I have done.

“Also, a French lady came over to me and told us how much she had enjoyed it and how fabulous she thought they were.”

Overall Tracey summed up her touring experience:

“The children had an amazing and unforgettable experience – one that will remain with them the rest of their lives.”

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