Posted: 28 November 2017

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'Possibly the most successful school trip I have ever been on or had the pleasure of organising'

'Possibly the most successful school trip I have ever been on or had the pleasure of organising'

As the days here get colder, can we tempt you with a tour to the beautiful, sunny Tuscan region of Italy with its great outdoor performing venues and stunning scenery?

Just to whet your appetite, here’s what James, Head of Music from a school in Norwich had to say about his school music tour to Tuscany last summer:

“The whole experience was amazing for staff and students, possibly the most successful school trip I have ever been on or had the pleasure of organising.

“Alahree and Alberto were excellent – very supportive and knowledgeable. They made the process very smooth and I was most impressed with the level of information available at an early stage.

“The highlight was at our concert in the piazza when the church bells went off at the same time as the choir sang ‘I can hear the bells’. There was an excellent atmosphere and superb staff who arranged food for us and helped navigate the coach. We were also presented with awards for participating in the youth music festival which was a lovely surprise.

“The hotel was excellent and surpassed my expectations. Montecatini Terme was a gorgeous town, easily accessible with lots of facilities.

“Letizia [their Tour Manager] was fantastic, communicating with all parties professionally. She was very well informed about the concerts and excursions and sorted out any hiccups. She presented our concerts in Italian and helped arrange layouts with the staff there. She was brilliant!”

If you’d like to consider Tuscany for your next music tour, give us a call on Freephone 0800 496 4996. Or click on the links to find out more about our Tuscany school music tours or all our school music tours to Italy.

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"Club Europe makes organising a tour so easy, I can’t recommend them enough."

Anthony Chew, Head of Music, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, Lancashire.

"Alahree always understands perfectly what we want and need! Our music tours give our students the best memories of their time at school."

Jane Werry, Head of Music, Hayes School, Kent.

"Club Europe always go the extra mile to ensure that our needs are met. They have continued to provide us with a good, varied tour programme demonstrating excellent customer service."

James Williams, Llandovery College, Carmarthenshire.

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